How To Create An Auto-Suggestive Password


“Your network password will expire in 10 days” – work laptop

It was a few months back when I received that all too familiar warning, “your network password will expire in 10 days.”  Immediately I began trying to concoct a meaningful combination of uppercase, lowercase, numerical, and special characters that would be relatively easy for me to remember (haha).

Think about it… How many times a day do you enter passwords into the various devices that you come into contact with? At last count I had approximately 15 work related passwords/codes alone. Thankfully, I only use about a fourth of them on a regular basis.

Gone are the days of 1234567 and secure1. The requirements for the myPay website alone makes me wonder how long it will be before 140 character passwords are the new norm.

I decided that this time I was going to utilize the steep requirements to create a password that might end up helping me. This led me to the idea of creating an auto-suggestive password. I mean, if you are going to be entering the same code 10-30 times a day for the next few months it mine as well be beneficial.

How To Create Your Auto-suggestive Password

There are some really interesting books and articles about the benefits of auto-suggestion and I would recommend you do a quick google search next time you are online wasting time. While an auto-suggestive “password” isn’t necessarily true to form, it follows this basic outline.

  1. Think of a positive phrase or statement that you would like to be true in your life.
  2. Break that phase down and remove a character from each word.
  3. Add in some numbers and/or special characters as needed and VOILA! Every time you have to enter that password you will be subconsciously reminded of the phrase.



“Put a smile on someone’s face today” = Pasosft

Then add some flair = 2015!

And boom… “Pasosft2015!” your auto-suggestive, and moderately, secure password is done.

Depending on where you work that password could stay valid for up to 6 months which will give you PLENTY of time to burn this little thought into your subconscious.


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